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Tooth Grinding and TMJ

Many of us are unaware of the research that has been done, in the past 15 years, to determine the actual reason our patients grind their teeth. Most assume it is ‘stress’ related and, while that can be one factor, it is often not the main reason. The 5 Reasons people grind their teeth are as follows:

  1. Unstable Bite
  2. Orthopedic damage and deterioration of the TMJ
  3. Stress ( physical and emotional)
  4. Poor Airway during sleep ( snoring and OSA)
  5. Pharmacology ( medication induced grinding)

Here at Yellow Springs Dental, Dr. Rogers has focused his career to advanced training in the diagnosis, causes and treatments for tooth grinding. Please contact us if you have concerns about unnecessary tooth loss from grinding and/or pain associated with ‘TMJ’.


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