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  • No Dental Benefits? No Problem. We Have You Covered!!!
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No Dental Benefits? No Problem. We Have You Covered!!!

No Dental Benefits? No Problem.

We Have You Covered!!

Introducing YSD Perks. Yellow Springs is excited to announce just launched or Membership Plan in late 2019. YSD Perks provides the professional oral care you want and deserve at an affordable price. Many of our patients, who have joined the plan, ask “How can we do this?”. It’s simple really. By offering the plan directly to you, we remove the cost and hassle of the middleman. We keep it simple, pass the savings to you, and thus we can focus on our core mission which is your dental health.

Here are some fantastic ‘perks’ to consider:

  • Benefits start immediately. Join today, save today!
  • Includes cleanings, exams and routine x-rays at no additional costs.
  • One Emergency Exam per year at no additional cost.
  • Provides exclusive discounts off other procedures, like fillings.
  • Includes 100% cost transparency.
  • There are no deductibles, annual maximums, or pre-approvals.
  • Membership runs for 12 months from the date you join.

We offer 3 customized plans for YOU and each includes preventive care at no additional cost. ADULT COMPLETE, CHILD COMPLETE, AND PERIODONTAL. Our patients find on average the savings to be well over $200 per year just for preventive care visits alone. Plus, each care plan includes Treatment Discounts. These discounts range from 5% to 20% depending upon the procedures and necessary lab expenses.

What else should you know?:

  • Our plan is NOT insurance, or a qualified plan under the Affordable Care Act. It CAN NOT be used in conjunction with any other dental benefit (insurance) plan.
  • Our plan includes a 30-day money back guarantee. You can cancel and receive a full refund up to 30 days after purchase IF no benefits have been used. Refunds and cancellations after 30 days will be based upon individual circumstances.
  • Payments for treatments, not included in the plan, is due at the time of service unless payment arrangements have been made in advance.
  • Our membership plan DOES NOT cover procedures completed by specialists, or other dental practices, outside of our location.

To learn more about YSD Perks, please visit www.kleer.com and enter office code KA6A. Please give us a call if you have any questions or if you wish to discuss in more detail. If you’re ready to take a more proactive approach to ensuring your dental health, it’s easy to enroll. Sign up directly in our office, by entering the code above, or via the Kleer mobile app.

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