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  • Protect Your Teeth and Gums During Physical Activities
    As part of his "New Frontier," President Kennedy greatly expanded the President's Council on Physical Fitness. Sixty years later, it's still going strong—now as the President's Council on Sports, Fitness Read more
  • Your Reoccurring Sinus Infections May Actually Be Caused by Tooth Decay
    If you suffer frequent sinus infections, you might want to talk with your dentist about it. It could be your chronic sinus problems stem from a deeply decayed or infected Read more
  • Oral Health Can Prove Challenging in Your Senior Years
    A focus on dental care in senior citizens is just as important as it is for children. Indeed, oral health in your later years can be a major factor in Read more
  • What Chrissy Teigen's Inauguration Night Cap Mishap Could Mean For You
    Inauguration night is usually a lavish, Washington, D.C., affair with hundreds attending inaugural balls throughout the city. And when you're an A-List celebrity whose husband is a headliner at one Read more
  • Sedation Dentistry
    We understand that going to the dentist may be stressful for some of our patients. If you're nervous about your dental visit, let us know! We want you to be Read more
  • Tooth Grinding and TMJ
    Many of us are unaware of the research that has been done, in the past 15 years, to determine the actual reason our patients grind their teeth. Most assume it Read more
  • Guide Dental Implant Placement
    At Yellow Springs Dental, we are excited to announce the implementation of the latest technology in the placement of Dental Implants. Utilizing state-of-the-art dental imaging with Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), Read more
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    No Dental Benefits? No Problem. We Have you Covered!!! Guided Dental Implant Placement Your smile is one of your most important features. Dentistry is continually evolving, and with a variety of Read more
  • No Dental Benefits? No Problem. We Have You Covered!!!
    No Dental Benefits? No Problem. We Have You Covered!! Introducing YSD Perks. Yellow Springs is excited to announce just launched or Membership Plan in late 2019. YSD Perks provides the professional oral care Read more
  • Dental Implant Conference
      Dr. Rogers enjoyed time in Chicago this past weekend attending The Dental Implant Conference. He was joined by several local doctors, including Dr. Michael Will. Always growing and learning for Read more
  • Sherman Ceramics Winter Open House
    Lindsey will be assisting her brother with his pottery sale after his 10th firing. All handmade functional pottery made by Tim Sherman. If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift Read more
  • Thanksgiving Favorites
    Everyone has their favorites when it comes to the Thanksgiving Feast. Chris wanted to share one of her favorite recipes with you.  Gourmet Sweet Potato Souffle3 ½ pounds of sweet potatoes, Read more
  • Home Sleep Studies Used in Dentistry
    For over the last 15 years, our office has supplied support services for our patients who have been diagnosed with sleep breathing disorders (often Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA). Whether Read more
  • Helping People with Damaged Teeth, Snoring, and Daytime Sleepiness
    Our office has recently began using a new home sleep-monitor on selected patients, called the DDME Bruxism Monitor, to determine the best treatment options for people at risk for extensive tooth Read more
  • Snoring, Mount-Breathing Tots More Likely to Develop Behavioral Problems
    (CBS News) Snoring has been tied to many health problems in adults, including obesity, sleep apnea, and a higher risk for heart disease. But according to a new study, snoring Read more
  • Dr. Jennifer John to Join Yellow Spring Dental
    To our wonderful patients and friends:At Yellow Springs Dental, we focus everyday on making sure that we treat our patients and their families the same way we’d treat our own Read more

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